The Jacuzzi when you're pregnant

Everyone would like to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of a Jacuzzi. Not the least of which is the fact that they are not the least of them. Between relaxation, stress relief, elimination of toxins, among other things, it's hard not to succumb to the comfort of a hot tub in a jacuzzi. Everyone is tempted, but what about pregnant women? Can they afford a hot bath in a jacuzzi? The question is worth asking when we know the multiple dangers that await the woman in a state of pregnancy.

Tempting benefits ...

The jacuzzi is known for its many benefits. During the period of pregnancy the pregnant woman needs to relax, to feel good about herself. So could a jacuzzi do the trick? One thing is sure, the Jacuzzi allows you to relax, decompress and take good care of your health. Therapeutic virtues recognized by many hot tub enthusiasts. Between hydro massages, air bubbles, hot water, the benefits go beyond the simple fact of care, it goes beyond the well-being itself. Couldn't all these elements be beneficial to women in a vulnerable state of pregnancy?

The need to take certain precautions

There are important dangers to note regarding the use of the hot tub by a pregnant woman. First of all, there is the vasodilatation that can be caused by the hot water temperature of more than 38°C. The woman in a state of pregnancy could then see her blood pressure drop, which can lead to disastrous consequences. Also be careful not to give too strong a hydro massage during a jacuzzi session. The jacuzzi can also be the place of accumulation of many bacteria or parasites, a vaginal infection could survive and then cause a miscarriage. A set of possible risks that make the jacuzzi highly recommended for a pregnant woman.